Make a difference by drinking beer this summer at Lady Justice Brewing

As the weather warms up and the U.S. enters a relatively normal state of operations, breweries are bound to become a location of reconnection and community this summer. What if there was a place where you could drink beer AND give back to the exact communities that we are all currently rekindling, though? Lady Justice Brewing on Colfax in Aurora offers the unique opportunity to do just that at a spot that is Latina-founded and queer & woman-owned.

In their own words, Lady Justice is, “a community-focused brewery dedicating time, space, and money to nonprofits and community partners that support and empower women and girls in the state of Colorado.” Who said you couldn’t make the world a better place with a craft beer in hand?

In addition to the taproom itself being a unique spot that features collaboration brews and highlights opportunities to volunteer and get involved in these great causes, 100% of profits from the “Community-Supported Beer” memberships go directly to nonprofit partners. To date, Lady Justice has given over $15,000 to 30+ organizations in a variety of industries—from dance and music to wilderness education to automobile repair.

The brewery was founded by Kate Power, Jen Cuesta, and Betsy Law back in 2016, and the taproom was set to open in April 2020 when COVID hit and everyone’s plans were put on halt. Lady Justice has done a tremendous job of rolling with the punches, though, and staying dedicated to the causes they care about. Now, the taproom (which features an amazing mural of Dolores Huerta, Martha P. Johnson, and the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg along with an outdoor seating patio) is open and ready to accommodate your spring and summer meetups and reunions.

You don’t have to visit Lady Justice for the mission alone, though. Their good cause is complimented by very good beer. The rotating menu features something delicious for every palette, with clever names like “Sandra Day IPA” and “I Dissent”. And if you, like myself, don’t consider yourself a huge beer drinker, fear not! They even make refreshing hard seltzers.

Since their beer offerings rotate frequently, there are plenty of reasons to keep coming back for more. Instagram is a great place to keep up these offerings and with all of the amazing things that Lady Justice is doing for the Colorado community!

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